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We have no typical client. We enjoy working with all kinds of people who are interested in taking control of their financial futures. That said, the following list, while not exclusive, may give you a sense of the range of people we have worked with or would like to serve.


“Because I spent additional time in higher education, I am starting my retirement saving later in life than many of my friends. How do I catch up? And since I am in a higher-than-average tax bracket, what kinds of investments will allow me to minimize the taxes that I pay?”

Families with children

“Gulp. Now we have children. How will we save for their education? What kind of life insurance do we need in case something happens to one of us?”


“How much do I need to withdraw from my IRA this year? How much can I afford to spend this year and not risk running out of money over the long haul?”


“I’m just starting out. What should I worry about first? Credit card and student debt? Saving for a house? And retirement—that is way too abstract to wrap my mind around. Tell me, how can I get onto a good financial path?”


“My employer offers so many different kinds of retirement savings plans. Am I better off saving through a 401k or a Roth 401k? Should I pay for additional life insurance coverage through my employer’s group plan? Should I put money into a flex spending account?"

Small business owners

“How should I save for my own retirement? What kind of retirement plan should I set up for my employees? And what kind of benefits should/can I provide for them?”

Novices and phobics

“I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t even really know what a 401k or an IRA is. I find the world of finance totally overwhelming. I need your help just to identify the kinds of questions I should be asking. But I’m finally ready to face my anxiety about money. Help me!!”

LGBT folks

“It’s great that I can now legally marry, if I wish to, but I’m concerned about other things too. How do I provide for my future medical care, especially if I (or my spouse and I) do not have children to care for me (us)? How do I ensure that my assets, after I’m gone, go to the family members, friends, and/or charitable organizations that I care about?”

Non-profit organizations

“What are the investments that will best enable us to meet our goals and mission as a non-profit? And how can we minimize the costs of investing?”


“I don’t have an employer, so how am I to provide for my financial future? I am living almost hand-to-mouth now: can I wait a few years before starting to save for retirement?”